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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Looking Forward to Flying My Procurer

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Last week I decided that I was going to take a break from the war after going a little too ham and wanted to start focusing on my own objectives (while still somewhat helping in the war efforts).

With myself back home in TKE full time, I decided to finish up some ratting skills to be able to fly a Gila eventually. However, I recently also find myself doing quite a bit of moon mining. I wanted something that didn't need my full focus, since I have been watching a lot of Twitch lately, and that would help both myself and my alliance.

This is where I started shifting my skill training to after completing a good chunk of ratting skills. I was really enjoying doing moon mining even if it was in just a Venture that was pretty slow at it. I started training into a Procurer for a faster mining experience and be able to survive any rats that decide to come on grid.

Why Procurer though? It's got a smaller ore hold and doesn't get any bonuses to ore hold capacity. Well simply the fact that I have been mostly solo moon mining and unlike the Retriever, I can carry both mining drones and combat drones with a Procurer due to it's larger drone bay size (the Retriever can only carry a max of 5 drones in it's drone bay due to it's 25m3 capacity vs the 50m3 capacity of the Procurer). I do plan to use mining drones alongside the strip miners, so the Procurer would be the obvious choice for me (and then also be able to deploy combat drones to fight rats).

The training time actually isn't too long and was originally expected to be able to start mining in a Procurer in 7 days. Skilling spree and login SP rewards managed to give a huge boost and I finished Industry V today and new expected time to finish skill training is roughly 2 days now.

I'm looking forward to hopping into my brand new Procurer in a few days and continue my moon mining escapades.

Fly dangerously


Wednesday, June 9, 2021

EVE Online Has the Best Community

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EVE Online is quite well known for it's player driven chaotic nature with a mainly hands off approach by CCP Games allowing players to pretty much do anything in the game short of violating real life laws.

With that, EVE is an MMORPG that is practically in a genre of it's own due to it's "wild west" nature and that chaotic nature is certainly an attraction to a lot of it's players including myself.

Due to the chaotic wild west nature of New Eden and the mainly hands off approach by CCP, EVE has a reputation of being a toxic cesspool to a lot of people. While I can't deny that New Eden can sometimes be an incredibly toxic cesspool at times, there are beacons of light that shine out from the darkness. Sadly, these beacons of light are mainly ignored by a lot of people and all they see is the wild west side.

One of these beacons of light and proving that EVE has the best community was a recent announcement that a fellow capsuleer and member of the coalition Imperium passed away in real life. I learned about the fallen capsuleer via a thread on the EVE subreddit here:


A cyno vigil was set and would take place in the Imperium capital system of 1DQ1-A on June 6th, 2021, with a following procession fleet going to Molea to visit the fallen capsuleer memorial.

This is the time where the EVE Online community really shines and comes together to mourn a fellow capsuleer who has fallen.

With the war still going, a temporary cease fire and termination of hostilities was given for the duration of this vigil. The Imperium allowed everyone who wanted to come and join the vigil, even members of their enemies including the coalitions of PanFam and Legacy.

I decided to join and come to pay my respects for their fallen comrade. It was the first time that I have ever been in a fleet with primarily Goonswarm members, as well as being on voice comms with Goonswarm members.

Shortly before the vigil was to start, I found myself jumping from T5ZI-S (PanFam/Legacy staging in Delve) into 1DQ1-A and being instantly targeted and receiving reps from Goonswarm members who were on the gate to make sure noone coming to the vigil was killed. I managed to burn through the bubbles and warping to zero on their primary Keepstar in system called Imperial Palace. After landing on grid, I was once again targeted and receiving reps from Goonswarm members who were keeping Horde and Legacy members alive on grid. There were a few GSF members killing people on grid, but they were quickly dealt with.

This was a moment I have never experienced in the game before, to be in a fleet with mortal enemies right on top of their Keepstar and being kept alive by said enemies. This is what makes the EVE Online community the best community there is. No matter what affiliation we have ingame and no matter if we are at war with each other, there is always one thing that brings us all together and that is to honor and mourn fellow capsuleers who have fallen.

I did not bring or have the ability to light a cyno, so I just brought a Merlin fitted up with fireworks launchers and a loaded a bunch of fireworks into my cargo bay. I started setting off fireworks on one of the close by Goonswarm capital ships while everyone was lighting cynos.

By this time there was a huge response to the vigil and the primary fleet was full and a secondary fleet was made. Nearly 500 people in total decided to come and pay respects and the person that got the vigil going was overwhelmed by the response and amount of people that came.

After the cyno vigil, we [primary fleet] moved together towards Molea. Once we got into Molea, we were warped to the fallen capsuleer memorial in system where we landed on a container dedicated to the capsuleer who had fallen (the memorial is a special place where containers put into space do not expire and last forever). We all dropped random stuff we had in our cargo bays into the container, FC called for a few moments of silence and then we all started shooting off fireworks at the container for roughly 10 minutes nonstop.

When we eventually ran out of fireworks, most of the fleet just started attacking each other in a fun brawl and CONCORD showed up and joined the brawl too (since it was high security space).

I took a lot of screenshots, mainly of when we were at the Molea memorial (which can be seen in the background with the cyno activated on the memorial):

With final words I just want to say once again that the EVE Online community is the best community there is for a video game. I am so damn proud to be part of the EVE community.

Fly dangerously